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Extra Temperature manufacturing Project Report eBook

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Lubricating grease is a solid to semi solid product of a thickening agent is liquid lubricant. Other ingredients imparting special properties may be included. Grease is both solid and liquid, depending on the physical conditions of temperature, stress, etc. Grease is not thick oil but thickened oil. The grease matrix is held together by internal binding forces giving the grease a solid character by resisting positional change. This rigidity is commonly referred to as consistency. When the external stresses exceed the threshold level of shear (stress or strain) the yield value- the solid goes through a transition state of plastic strain and turns into a flowing liquid. Under the force of gravity, a grease is subjected to shear stresses below the yield value and will therefore remains in place as a solid body.

Our Extra Temperature manufacturing Project Report eBook
The contents of Manufacturing Project Report eBook are


1. Introduction of Extra Temperature
2. Uses and applications of Extra Temperature
3. B.I.S. Specifications of Extra Temperature
4. Market survey of Extra Temperature
5. Formulations of extra high temperature grease
6. Manufacturing process for extra high tempt. Grease
7. Process flow diagram for the manufacture of extra high
8. Temperature grease (25000-30000c) of Extra Temperature
9. Manufacturing process for extra high tempt. Grease
10. Suppliers of plant & machineries of Extra Temperature
11. Suppliers of raw materials of Extra Temperature
12. Raw materials calculations of Extra Temperature
13. Cost of plant economics of Extra Temperature
14. Land & building of Extra Temperature
15. Plant and machinery of Extra Temperature
16. Fixed capital investment of Extra Temperature
17. Raw material of Extra Temperature
18. Salary and wages of Extra Temperature
19. Utilities and overheads of Extra Temperature
20. Total working capital of Extra Temperature
21. Cost of production of Extra Temperature
22. Profitability analysis of Extra Temperature
23. Break even point of Extra Temperature
24. Resources of finance of Extra Temperature

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