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Caustic Soda manufacturing Project Report eBooK

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Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide (NaoH) is an important industrial chemical product produced on a tonnage basis in both solid and liquid form. It is deliquescent, absorbing water vapour and carbon dioxide from the air. It is also extremely corrosive and should be handled with great care. Adequate protection from body contact with the solid form or concentrated solutions should be provided. It is also a fire hazard compound as it heats spontaneously and may ignite combustible materials that are nearly.

Our Caustic Soda manufacturing Project Report eBooK
Project Report eBook etc Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Caustic Soda
2. Properties of Caustic Soda
3. Uses and application of Caustic Soda
4. B.I.S. specification of Caustic Soda
5. Market survey of Caustic Soda
6. Address of present manufacturers of Caustic Soda
7. Raw material required for caustic soda manufacturing
8. Manufacturing process of Caustic Soda
9. Process flow sheet for manufacturing of caustic soda from soda ash
10. Safety measures of Caustic Soda
11. Plant and machinery suppliers of Caustic Soda
12. Machinery: chemical plant of Caustic Soda
13. Suppliers of raw material of Caustic Soda
14. Cost of plant economics of Caustic Soda
15. Land & building of Caustic Soda
16. Plant and machinery of Caustic Soda
17. Fixed capital investment of Caustic Soda
18. Raw material of Caustic Soda
19. Salary and wages of Caustic Soda
20. Utilities and overheads of Caustic Soda
21. Total working capital of Caustic Soda
22. Cost of production of Caustic Soda
23. Profitability analysis of Caustic Soda
24. Breakeven point of Caustic Soda
25. Resources of finance of Caustic Soda
26. Interest chart of Caustic Soda
27. Depreciation chart of Caustic Soda
28. Cash flow statement of Caustic Soda
29. Projected balance sheet of Caustic Soda

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