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Crude Oil Bleaching and Petroleum Jelly manufacturing eBook

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The crude oils also called rock oils derived from so called oil shades are not truly petroleum, although petroleum like products can be made from them by specialised chemical processing. Basically, it is an oily flammable liquid of widely varying viscosity, processing a unique characteristic heavy odour, varying in colour from yellow to dark reddish brown, or black, but usually exhibiting a distinct greenish fluoresce. These are non-uniformly highly complex mixtures of paraffinic, naphthenic, and aromatic hydrocarbons, small amount of sulphur and even smaller amounts of nitrogen and oxygen compounds usually are present. The terms paraffinic, aromatic and asphaltic-base( or naphthenic) are applied by the petroleum industry to designate the most prevalent class of chemical constituents found in the crude oils found from various localities. Similarly the term sour and sweet are used. Sour crude contain sulphur and have an unpleasant, sometimes sicknessing, odour or garlic or rotten eggs. The odorous sulphur exists in the form of mercaptans or hydrogen sulphide. Sweet crudes contain very little sulphur and have comparatively pleasant odour.

Our Crude Oil Bleaching and Petroleum Jelly manufacturing eBook
Manufacturing Project Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction
2. Market survey
3. Addresses of present manufacturers of white oil
4. Uses and application
5. Techniques of manufacturing process
6. Process flow diagram
7. Plant & machinery suppliers
8. Suppliers of raw materials
9. Cost of plant economics
10. Land & building
11. Plant and machinery
12. Fixed capital investment
13. Raw material
14. Salary and wages
15. Utilities and overheads
16. Total working capital
17. Cost of production
18. Profitability analysis
19. Break even point
20. Resources of finance

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