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Coal is a raw material of vital and growing importance for the manufacture of products like tar, benzole, naphtalene etc. From these in combination with some other valuable by products are produced many articles of every day use e.g. dyes, aspirin, perfumes, explosives, disinfectant etc. Metallurgical coke is a solid, cellular, infusible material remaining after the carbonization of the coal, pitch, petroleum residues and certain other carbonaceous materials Metallurgical coke is used as the reducing agent in the manufacture of pig iron in the blast furnace. Although certain varieties of coal can be used, the most suitable fuel for the puurpose is metalurgical coke and its use is now universal. Metallurgical coke is prepared from coal by heating it for 18 to 20 hours in closed chambers, out of contact with air, to a final temperature of about 1100oC, where by most of the coal-gas contained in the coal is expelled, the mass swells some what, becomes porous and the wall of the minute cells harden, so that the resulting metallurgical coke is obtained in hard porous lumps, having a cellular structure and
consisting mostly of fixed carbon (70-90%) and ash 10-25%. Good metallurgical coke may have a porosity of 35-50% and crushing strength of 500-1000 Ibs per square inch.

Our Metallurgical coke Project Report eBook
Project Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Cost of plant economics of Metallurgical coke
2. Land & building of Metallurgical coke
3. Plant and machinery of Metallurgical coke
4. Fixed capital investment of Metallurgical coke
5. Raw material of Metallurgical coke
6. Salary and wages of Metallurgical coke
7. Utilities and overheads of Metallurgical coke
8. Total working capital of Metallurgical coke
9. Cost of production of Metallurgical coke
10. Profitability analysis of Metallurgical coke
11. Break even point of Metallurgical coke
12. Resources of finance of Metallurgical coke

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