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We at Jaytee Industrial Research and Consultants (India) are serving mankind by providing industrial and business start-up pre-feasibility project reports, our specialization is we have highest number of ready available detailed techno-economic pre-feasibility industrial project reports on almost every type of industry and business that too in editable soft copy format, called project report eBook, we are IS 9001-2008 certified reputed organisation supplying technical stuff world over. We have vast range of detailed project reports available and we have emerged as preferred suppliers of industrial project eReports /eBooks)and technical know-how reports (eBook) in bulk to industrial consultants, manufacturing companies and employment opportunities generation organisations.

We have easiest and fastest delivery system with security for delivering our technology transfer stuff, Our clients can modify and edit our project reports at own level to make them finance-able, bankable and understandable in local level, our reports can be easily converted to (economics can be converted in local currencies after editing).  This way our reports are being used as base for making initial business start-up plans as per your local conditions and needs.  Our PROJECT REPORTS can be downloaded or received as email attachments to your email in simple custome and editable Ms-Word format.

Note: All our Project reports are 3rd party prepared documents already used by entrepreneurs(prepared by different engineers ),which we providing you as guideline and technology transfer ideas for final business plan preparation of yours,you can customize /alter,translate or edit after purchase at your place , in accordance with your local currency , laws and regulation,language , as per latest technology trends, latest plant and equipment availability , production or establishment process, , local registration authority guidelines , environment obligations,bank guidelines,loan documentation requirements, investment,pattern, production capacity,available latest technology,machines and processes, we are not responsible for any thing like spelling errors,old processes,or process/procedure which is not suitable to your specific requirement Detailed reports preparation tasks as per your specific requirements are undertaken on special terms and conditions, involving additional cost and time, and are done on specific order when we accept only

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