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Synthetic filament yarns may be imparted precious service features by modifying their structure. With this aim, use is made of the specific properties of synthetic fibres, i.e. their thermal plasticity, high elasticity and capacity of stable maintenance of the newly imparted structure. Such yarns with a modified structure are called textured and the process of their manufacture is called texturing. In the majority of texturing processes filaments are subjected to mechanical action with simultaneous heating for setting the modified structure. Pneumatic texturing may be also employed, which provides yearns with a stable structure without additional treatment. Textured yarns differ from initial yarns by high bulkiness, crimpiness, porosity, softness, and some of them by high elastic extensibility. Goods of textured yarns have good draping capacity and coverage. air permeability, moisture absorption and evaporation. These goods present comparatively high hygienic characteristics. Textured yarns have considerably enlarged the field of synthetic yarn use & ensured a better quality of textile and knitted goods.

Our Textile Dyeing manufacturing Project Report ebook
Project Report eBook (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Textile Dyeing
2. Texturising of yarn of Textile Dyeing
3. Features of texturing of yarns
4. Uses and application of Textile Dyeing
5. Properties of Textile Dyeing
6. Market survey of Textile Dyeing
7. Scope and prefects of texturised polyester yarns
8. Raw materials of Textile Dyeing
9. Dispersed dyes of Textile Dyeing
10. Plant and machinery of Textile Dyeing
11. Dyeing machines of Textile Dyeing
12. Manufacturing process of Textile Dyeing
13. Flow diagram of texturised yarn dyeing
14. 14 plant layout of Textile Dyeing
15. Suppliers of raw materials of Textile Dyeing
16. Suppliers of plant & machinery of Textile Dyeing
17. Plant and m/c suppliers addresses of Textile Dyeing
18. Cost of plant economics of Textile Dyeing
19. Land & building of Textile Dyeing
20. Plant and machinery of Textile Dyeing
21. Fixed capital investment of Textile Dyeing
22. Raw material of Textile Dyeing
23. Salary and wages of Textile Dyeing
24. Utilities and overheads of Textile Dyeing
25. Total working capital of Textile Dyeing
26. Cost of production of Textile Dyeing
27. Profitability analysis of Textile Dyeing
28. Breakeven point of Textile Dyeing
29. Resources of finance of Textile Dyeing
30. Interest chart of Textile Dyeing
31. Depreciation chart of Textile Dyeing
32. Cash flow statement of Textile Dyeing
33. Projected balance sheet of Textile Dyeing

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