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Distilled water is a special type of water is used extensively in laboratories. Pharmaceuticals. Storage batteries etc. The impurities contained in natural water may be small in amount but their effect in cumulative. Natural waters very considerably from one point to the other and at one fine of the year too another. Rain water is the purest form of natural occurring water. The water vapours thus rising from the surface are drifted by the winds onwards. They rise to high altitudes, where the condense in the form of small droplets. These droplets move in the sky in the form of clouds and go on aggregating continuously till they become heavy enough unable to support their weight when they fall down in the form of rain. Rain water in considered to be very pure, being produced by a kind of distillation and is used as distilled water in laboratories. The rainfall is however, during monsoon season lasting generally groom July to September and a shoot spell during winter. Therefore this water is not sufficient, and hence the need for distilling water arise. Moreover this type of water collecred in rainy season can be used in laboratories and storage batteries but for path logical purpose and pharmaceutical purpose. This type of water should not be used because while coming to earth, it is certain that some impurities get mixed which are wanted in distilled water used for above said purpose.

Our Distilled Water Manufacturing project Report eBook
Manufacturing Project Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Distilled Water
2. Uses and applications of Distilled Water
3. Properties of Distilled Water
4. B.I.S. specification of Distilled Water
5. Market position and scope of Distilled Water
6. Present manufactures of Distilled Water
7. Raw material of Distilled Water
8. Process of manufacture of Distilled Water
9. Process flowchart of Distilled Water
10. Suppliers of plant and machinery of Distilled Water
11. Cost of plant economics of Distilled Water
12. Land & building of Distilled Water
13. Plant and machinery of Distilled Water
14. Fixed capital investment of Distilled Water
15. Raw material of Distilled Water
16. Salary and wages of Distilled Water
17. Utilities and overheads of Distilled Water
18. Total working capital of Distilled Water
19. Cost of production of Distilled Water
20. Profitability analysis of Distilled Water
21. Break even point of Distilled Water
22. Resources of finance of Distilled Water

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