Steel Plant based on Induction Furnance Establishment eBook

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Castings of suitable shape and size intended for subsequent hot working are termed as Ingots.
Ingot iron has very low carbon in steel. This is generally made in the open hearth in which all the other elements are removed to the maximum extent possible. Some of the commercial products falling under this group have less than 0.1% of all non-iron elements put together.
Ingots are cast in ingot moulds which are the containers usually made of cast iron into which molten steel is poured & allowed to solidify.

Our Steel Plant based on Induction Furnance Manufacturing eBook
Manufacturing Project Report eBook ect Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:

1. Introduction
2. Uses & applications
3. Properties
4. BIS Specifications
5. Induction furnace melting practice
6. Process of manufacture
7. Working principle & method of operation
8. Process flow diagram
9. Plant layout
10. Market survey
11. Present manufacturer
12. Suppliers of plant and machinery
13. Suppliers of raw materials
14. Cost of plant economics
15. Land & building
16. Plant and machinery
17. Fixed capital investment
18. Raw material
19. Salary and wages
20. Utilities and overheads
21. Total working capital
22. Cost of production
23. Profitability analysis
24. Break even point
25. Resources of finance
26. Interest chart
27. Depreciation chart
28. Cash flow statement
29. Projected balance sheet

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