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Silica Gel SiO2nH2O is an important regenerative adsorbent consisting of amorphous silica. Normally it contains about 6-8% when used as descant which can absorb water to the extent of 45%. Regular density silica gel is distinguished by its extremely fine pores and it has a surface area as high as 800M2/gms of sometimes even more. This five porous structure of the product accounts for its high capacity to absorb water and other polar molecules. Selective absorption uses of silica gels are quite numinous. One of the most important is the recovery of Liquid hydrocarbon during dehydration of natural gas.

Our Silica Gel manufacturing Project Report ebook
Project Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Silica Gel
2. Classification of Silica Gel
3. Properties of Silica Gel
4. Drying agents of Silica Gel
5. Uses and applications of Silica Gel
6. Market position and scope of Silica Gel
7. Present manufacturers of silica gel
8. B I S specification of Silica Gel
9. Methods of manufacture of Silica Gel
10. Manufacturing process of Silica Gel
11. Process flow sheet of Silica Gel
12. Raw materials suppliers of Silica Gel
13. Cost of plant economics of Silica Gel
14. Land & building of Silica Gel
15. Plant and machinery of Silica Gel
16. Fixed capital investment of Silica Gel
17. Raw material of Silica Gel
18. Salary and wages of Silica Gel
19. Utilities and overheads of Silica Gel
20. Total working capital of Silica Gel
21. Cost of production of Silica Gel
22. Profitability analysis of Silica Gel
23. Breakeven point of Silica Gel
24. Resources of finance of Silica Gel

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