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Stitch wire is produced from standard wire rod of by mild steel drawing to thin gadgets of wires of circular cross section followed by flattening. It comes in the shape of coil, with a bundle weighing from 80 to 300 kgs. Before putting the wire rod to drawing operation, the material is adequately cleaned by chemical cleaning treatment. Then it is neutralised with lime solutions. The lime remains on the wire surface of wire rod even after drying and acts as a lubricant and products the cleaned surface from further rusting. In the same manner the drawn wire taken for flattening into flat wire, is cleaned and line coated before subjecting to rothing . The drawn round wire of required diameter is allowed to pass through the rollers which flatten the round wire. This flat wire is then given proper treatments and used as stitch wire. Since carbon steels catch rusts and stains on exposure to atmosphere for longer span of time, these wires are galvaised to give protective coating. Flat wire is preferred in stitching purposes due to its specific characteristics. On bending it takes sharp edge which grips the paper surface more tightly. Also bundle of flat wire is easier than the round wire. Larger force is required tostapple the papers and then hence less wear on tear losses.

Our Stiching Wire manufacturing Project Report eBook
Manufacturing of Project Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Stiching Wire
2. Properties of Stiching Wire
3. Specifications of mild steel of Stiching Wire
4. Raw material requirement of Stiching Wire
5. Market survey of Stiching Wire
6. Effects of cold working of Stiching Wire
7. Manufacturing process of Stiching Wire
8. Process flow sheet for the manufacture of stitching wire
9. Procurement of plant and machinery of Stiching Wire
10. Suppliers and plant and machinery of Stiching Wire
11. Suppliers of raw materials of Stiching Wire
12. Cost of plant economics of Stiching Wire
13. Land & building of Stiching Wire
14. Plant and machinery of Stiching Wire
15. Fixed capital investment of Stiching Wire
16. Raw material of Stiching Wire
17. Salary and wages of Stiching Wire
18. Utilities and overheads of Stiching Wire
19. Total working capital of Stiching Wire
20. Cost of production of Stiching Wire
21. Profitability analysis of Stiching Wire
22. Break even point of Stiching Wire
23. Resources of finance of Stiching Wire

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