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The tyre and tubes are very important rubber products and widely used everywhere in the world. The statistical production figure available from 1938 exhibit a sharp market increase. In 1938 the tyres and tubes consumed the half of the world production of natural rubber which was 6,00,000 tonnes. Rapid growth in the vehicles upto 2 millions tons per year including synthetic rubber. Before and upto 1938 no synthetic rubber was invented and natural rubber was only the raw rubber to manufacture tyres and tubes, compiled to take and use skilled technology for the manufacturing of tyres and tubes. The development and research in the present are high therefore, the tyres and tubes in the past were manufactured from the same raw materials and methods. Now there is a great change in the raw materials consumption which vary according to the tyre and tube application such as tractor tyres, truck and aeroplane tyres. There are used in vehicles for comfortable side and low power consumption. Various types of tyres are available namely pneumatic solid tyres. Pneumatic tyres protect the tube which contain the air fulled at pressure. Pneumatic tyres may be classified into various categories according to use is scooter tyres, cycle & Rickshaw tyres, Jeep tyres and aeroplane tyres etc. Solid tyres which don't contain any tube are also available which have special application e.g. Pramus and children

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