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From an engineering point of view, crumb rubber has a number of special thermo-mechanical and chemico-physical properties. Crumb rubber is made by shredding scrap tires and as such, it is a particulate material free of fiber and steel. It is made commercially available in 50-pound bags or 2000-pounds bulk bags. The size of the rubber particles is graded. The finest one can be as small as about 0.2mm (Mesh 80) and below, The gradation commonly used in rubberized asphalt pavement is between about 2.0 mm to 0.5 mm (Mesh #10 to Mesh #40). Crumb rubber is light in weight and is durable. It can last for a long period of time in a natural environment. From the safety consideration, crumb rubber is a non-toxic and inert material.

Our Crumb Rubber manufacturing Project Report eBook
Manufacturing Project Report eBook etc Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Crumb Rubber
2. Crumb rubber of Crumb Rubber
3. Moulding technology of Crumb Rubber
4. Spray technology of Crumb Rubber
5. Bond agent selection and mix design of Crumb Rubber
6. Spraying devices and processes of Crumb Rubber
7. Uses and application of Crumb Rubber
8. Properties of Crumb Rubber
9. BIS specifications of Crumb Rubber
10. Market survey of Crumb Rubber
11. Present manufacturer of rubber powder
12. Detailed manufacturing process of Crumb Rubber
13. Process flow diagram for the manufacture of crumb rubber
14. Plant & machinery suppliers of Crumb Rubber
15. Cost of plant economics of Crumb Rubber
16. Land & building of Crumb Rubber
17. Plant and machinery of Crumb Rubber
18. Fixed capital investment of Crumb Rubber
19. Raw material of Crumb Rubber
20. Salary and wages of Crumb Rubber
21. Utilities and overheads of Crumb Rubber
22. Total working capital of Crumb Rubber
23. Cost of production of Crumb Rubber
24. Profitability analysis of Crumb Rubber
25. Break even point of Crumb Rubber
26. Resources of finance of Crumb Rubber

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