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The main raw material for rubber balloons is natural latex rubber. The preparation of balloons is done by a process called "dipping process". Manufacture of articles by simmering, former into a suitably compounded latex, and withdrawing it in such a way as to leave a uniform deposit on it, is known as 'dipping'. This is an old process and the seamless rubber article thus obtained are known as "dipped goods'. Previously, dipped goods used to be manufactured by dipping into a solution of milled rubber, but after the advent of concentrated latex (60% and above), solution technology has been replaced by the latex technology. Use of latex has various advantages over solutions viz, high solids non-inflammability, lower capital expenditure, no solvent loss, non-toxicity, and hazard free operation etc. Apart from this latex dipping gives thicker deposits per dip as compared to those obtained from solutions. solvent solutions have very high viscosity at even low rubber content, which is not the case with latex compounds. The manufacture of teats, surgical investigatory fingers, bags, balloons, surgeons' gloves household and industrial gloves shoes, bathing caps, contraceptives etc. are some of the rubber articles produced by the dipping process using latex compounds.

Our Rubber Balloon manufacturing project Report eBook
Manufacturing Project Report eBook etc Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Introduction of Rubber Balloon
2. Balloons kinds & uses of Rubber Balloon
3. Manufacturing process of Rubber Balloon
4. Flow diagram of Rubber Balloon
5. Plant & equipments of Rubber Balloon
6. Chemical solution/dispersion making of Rubber Balloon
7. Plant & machinery suppliers of Rubber Balloon
8. Suppliers of raw materials of Rubber Balloon
9. Cost of plant economics of Rubber Balloon
10. Land & building of Rubber Balloon
11. Plant and machinery of Rubber Balloon
12. Fixed capital investment of Rubber Balloon
13. Raw material of Rubber Balloon
14. Salary and wages of Rubber Balloon
15. Utilities and overheads of Rubber Balloon
16. Total working capital of Rubber Balloon
17. Cost of production of Rubber Balloon
18. Profitability analysis of Rubber Balloon
19. Break even point of Rubber Balloon
20. Resources of finance of Rubber Balloon

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