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Asafoetida of commerce is available in three forms, viz.. `tears', `mass', and `paste'. The `tears' constituting the purest form of the resin, are rounded or flattened, 5-30 mm in diameter and grayish or dull yellow in colour. The two types are recognised according to whether the tears retain the original pale colour for years or gradually become dark or reddish brown. Mass asafoetida is the common commercial form. It consists of tears agglutinated into a more or less uniform mass usually mixed with fragments of root, earth, etc. The paste form also contains extraneous matter.

Our Asafoetida (Compound) manufacturing Project Report eBook
Project Report eBook etc Report (eBook) has following contents covered in the report:


1. Types/varieties of asafoetida
2. Uses and applications of Asafoetida (Compound)
3. B.I.S. specification of Asafoetida (Compound)
4. Market survey of Asafoetida (Compound)
5. Manufacturing process of Asafoetida (Compound)
6. Process flow chart of Asafoetida (Compound)
7. Plant lay out of Asafoetida (Compound)
8. Principles of plant layout of Asafoetida (Compound)
9. Plant location factors of Asafoetida (Compound)
10. Addresses of state industrial development corporations
11. Addresses of financial institutions of Asafoetida (Compound)
12. Addresses of relevant government offices of Asafoetida (Compound)
13. Suggested steps of Asafoetida (Compound)
14. Present manufacturer of asafoetida (hing) of Asafoetida (Compound)
15. Importers of hinges of Asafoetida (Compound)
16. Suppliers of plant and machineries of Asafoetida (Compound)
17. Storage tank & pressure vessels of Asafoetida (Compound)
18. Raw material suppliers addresses of Asafoetida (Compound)
19. Cost of plant economics of Asafoetida (Compound)
20. Land & building of Asafoetida (Compound)
21. Plant and machinery of Asafoetida (Compound)
22. Fixed capital investment of Asafoetida (Compound)
23. Raw material of Asafoetida (Compound)
24. Salary and wages of Asafoetida (Compound)
25. Utilities and overheads of Asafoetida (Compound)
26. Total working capital of Asafoetida (Compound)
27. Cost of production of Asafoetida (Compound)
28. Profitability analysis of Asafoetida (Compound)
29. Break even point of Asafoetida (Compound)
30. Resources of finance of Asafoetida (Compound)
31. Interest chart of Asafoetida (Compound)
32. Depreciation chart of Asafoetida (Compound)
33. Cash flow statement of Asafoetida (Compound)
34. Projected balance sheet of Asafoetida (Compound)

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